Another great review...

This book review by Sally Ann Melia is fab:

"This is a fantastic reimagining of our worlds as a dystopian future  where freedom is limited, even nonexistent. Your microchip is implanted at birth that tracks everything you do or see. It all started as a credit card, a payment mechanism, but in this future, the implant has taken over: All that you do is tracked, monitored, considered, controlled.

But who is in control as in George Orwell’s 1984, in this dystopian twenty-third century, the Earth is ruled by a totalitarian world government known as the Sovereign Regime.

The regime determines your life chances, including your education and job. Rules are many and include how you dress and the length of your hair. And the hero Goro does too, until he comes on a secret…. He makes a mistake, and when the crackdown on him and his family comes, he is rescued by the ‘resistance’, and so the adventure begins.

In summary…

This is an exciting Young Adult book, which is also a real page-turner. It captures teenagers well, so should be a hit with young men but also with an adult audience as well. If you have a teenager in your family, then buy them a copy. But be sure to read it yourself—I highly recommend it."