Marketing...Ugh! -__- (Part 2)

You've finally gotten your novel published! Woo hoo!!! You receive your first advance copy; peeling the cover back, you find your title page and name.  You've labored, toiled, and possibly wept over the writing of your book. Blood, sweat, and tears went into the creation from start to finish of your heart held ideas. Now what? With masterpiece in hand, you introduce said novel to friends, family, colleagues, etc. Thus begins the arduous road ahead of marketing your novel. For most of us that have not been repped by a major publisher, we must "pound the pavement," so to speak, and get the word out there. The book is good, or perhaps even AMAZING- still, doesn't matter if nobody knows about it. Even the "big five" houses require authors to do their fair share of marketing- My publicist recently quipped to me, "It doesn't happen overnight, you know!" There is the VERY rare occasion where a new author gets a whopper of a contract (even more unheard of on a stand alone novel) right out the gate. For the rest of us, fate usually has dealt authors a more uphill road requiring perseverance, times ten! My two cents:  Be creative in your approach to marketing. I'm not talking about the usual routes of building your platform on Facebook, Twitter, your own website, Goodreads...the list goes on. While that is all well and good, what I am suggesting is creating very unique avenues to getting your novel out there. Go into bookstores and have an authentic conversation with the manager or Events coordinator. Get to know the smaller brick and mortar store owners. Make some posters of the cover of your book (some places produce them very inexpensively). Post them in highly trafficked areas of your town (just don't break any laws haha!). Does you novel contain any clever product placement content? For example, my novel's main characters train in Krav Maga, and I am working with having my KM gym partner with me in promoting the book. Offer to host a book club, or take over an author forum on Facebook. Video a zany montage for Snapchat, incorporating your book throughout the clips. Filming a book trailer is a must these days. Most say to just produce a slideshow type effect, but I went all out and hired real actors, running scripts and acquiring filming permits. The situation is, your book is actually GOOD, it's just that peeps worldwide need to know it exists! Get out there and make it happen :)