STUDENTS...Need I say more??

Okay, so Friday, one of my 6th grade students drop-kicked a water bottle across the entire math classroom. I saw the whole thing, though his back was turned to me. (I wasn't technically in charge of the class either- I was just stopping in to give the sub math teacher some teacher stuff, as I had other crap to do that day).

As I glared at the student, this was our convo:

Student to me: "What?! I didn't do anything!!!"

Me to student: "Do you think I'm dumb? You think I no saw you catapult that bottle across the room? I calling your dad!" (Whips out cell phone).

Student to me: "NO!!!! No no no no, I won't do it again!!"

Me to student: "Next time, can you hit that annoying kid over durr?" (Just kidding haha)

The rest is a #trustory though :)

As a teacher, I love my students of course, but sometimes I am like, "REALLY?!?"

That's all folks!