Things never go as planned...-__-

For filming my book trailer this weekend, I had all my ducks in a row. The permit was on file, the insurance obtained, and the approvals granted. I had permission from every agency under the sun to film this weekend. My actors and assistant all congregated in the LA River basin to begin filming. Actors were wardrobe and camera ready, props were prepped and available, camera was charged, and craft service was nearby (gotta have craft service :) The weather was perfect, sunny, and we had wide open spaces to film with no homeless people loitering nearby.  Getting the footage was pretty smooth, however, halfway through the day, the memory card became full and my lovely assistant (who said he knew how to work the camera completely) did not know how to re-format the card. :(  My actors were dripping sweat in the heat while waiting on me, however, there is ALWAYS down time during filming. I quickly flipped through the manual looking for directions on formatting, when the LAPD slowly drove up in their black and white. I jogged over to their window and let them know I had permission to film there. They asked to see my permit. I produced the crisp, colored, permit for their perusal and luckily, they apologized profusely for bothering us. I said, "no problem, glad the ghetto birds aren't circling us!" Apparently, their watch commander failed to notify them that we would be filming, and some bystander called it in after seeing our arsenal of weapons! I eventually got the extra footage I needed using my iPhone, but lesson learned that I can only really rely on myself to make sure something gets done; I can no longer simply rely on others to know what's up- I have to make it happen myself...Note to self: It's best to be completely "in the know" myself if I want a job done well, because when does anything ever go as planned? :)