When the lightbulb goes on...

One thing I love about being a teacher is seeing student's get excited when they "get it."   While working with a couple of my 7th graders on Math last week, I witnessed their cherubic grins when they understood how to complete the Algebra problem on their own.  "Give me another one! Give me a harder one!" were the chorus of shouts I received.  They of course don't see that I am grinning from ear to ear on the inside.  Most professions don't have the glamour and six-figure salary, but I can truly say that I LOVE what I do: teaching young people academics as well as teaching them about, well...life!  "Make your own way," I say.  "Soldier on. Press through the crappy circumstances and forge ahead.  You will grow incredible character if you don't give up."  May I echo that to all students out there... :)


Arghhhh...Star Wars!

Hi My Peeps-

As much as I loved Star Wars, was so bummed that the main Antagonist's name was the same as one of my sub characters!!! What are the chances of that?! Goro's close friend is named Ren in my book, so alas, I had to change Ren to something else, as Kylo Ren has been aptly named in Star Wars.  Curse you JJ Abrams!!! Just kidding- it is what it is, unfortunately.  I don't want anyone thinking I stole the name from Star Wars, even though I thought of the name "Ren" first, so I just changed it....such is the life of a writer....sigh.  Have a great week!!! :)


Krav Maga burnsssss.....

Yesterday, my Krav instructor decided to take the class out to the fifth floor parking structure -__-. Wanted to "keep it real" he said.  We were practicing escaping bear hugs (a move in Krav in case you're gripped from behind) and my partner, bless her heart, dropped me face first onto the concrete!! Instructor came running over and asked if I was okay; I popped up smiling- no problem. My partner felt horrible, but hey, instructor says, "tough it out! Man up-" (even though I'm female). My partner told me, "perfect technique on your landing, girlfriend!" Krav can leave you with some bumps and bruises, no doubt, but that burnnnned. LOL